Our specialities

We have considerable experience in the following types of events:

  • Congresses for scientists, doctors, lawyers, agronomists
  • Executive board meetings
  • Executive and supervisory board meetings
  • Product presentations
  • Training sessions
  • Seminars for top executives
  • Kaizen workshops
  • Works council meetings
  • International marketing seminars
  • Press conferences

This is a selection of some of the subjects in which we can offer you the benefits of our experience:


  • Business: exports, marketing, balance sheets, manufacturing
  • Science: freshwater pearl mussels, flood plains, tree parasites, migratory birds, remote sensing in space research, BSE
  • Car industry: various topics including research on tyres, car prototypes, electronic sensors and accessories, meetings for managers, engineers and dealers
  • Computers and the Internet: management software solutions, multi-function laser printers, computerized alarm systems in industrial plants, server networks, Internet security
  • Agriculture: sugar, forestry
  • Social/psychological issues: day nurseries, issues affecting the elderly, youth and drugs, pensions and their future
  • Environment: gas emissions, transport and disposal of hazardous waste, recycling
  • Politics: European Social Charter, the integration of Eastern European countries, Asia meets Europe, mass media and democracy - what does the future hold
  • Medicine: compartment syndrome, back problems, artificial eye lens implantation, schizophrenia, artificial limbs and joints, occupational medicine, pharmacology
  • Construction: roofing, standards, materials
  • Legal: building contracts, sales contracts, patent litigation, guidelines for lawyers/attorneys, code of conduct
  • Industrial processes: automation technology, semiconductor manufacture, industrial filters, packaging machines, paint shops, centrifugal pumps and compressors, lift and escalator safety
  • NGO's: European trade unions, street children worldwide, desertification, European postal system, climate change, international bank projects, conflict prevention
  • Developing countries: Northern African economies
  • Mining: mining projects in Africa
  • Transport: civil aviation in the 21st century, intermodal transport, fire protection in road tunnels, European railways
This is just a selection of the subjects we cover. Please contact us for more information or if your subject does not appear here.