What we offer

We can give you professional advice on team composition based on our many years of experience. Our teams are made up of conference interpreters who have undergone college or university training and worked at many international conferences, thereby offering you the language and subject skills that you require.


We can also organise simultaneous interpreting equipment meeting the latest DIN/ISO standards. This equipment comprises the core components such as soundproof booths and sound transmission technology, as well as other technical facilities needed at meetings and conferences. Professional technicians will of course be provided to help you during your meeting.


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We also use portable tour guide systems especially in situations where it is not possible to install booths, for example on visits, tours and at outdoor events. These systems are generally used only for events where interpreters will only have to work for short periods as the working conditions are more difficult than in a soundproof booth environment because of background noise (people coughing and whispering, cars passing by and so on).


Conference interpreting is a matter for professionals, and we advise you to contact us in the early stages of planning your event. Then we can help you make your conference a guaranteed success.